How can I book a tour with your Company?

Please send us an email that outlines: a) the city and date you arrive in Morocco, b) the city & date you leave Morocco, c) please also let us know if you are arriving by plane, cruise ship or other, d) Which of our tours, (or if you would like a custom tour) you would like information on. 

We will then be able to discuss and agree an itinerary that suits you.

Do I need to send a deposit? 

When you wish to confirm your booking a 30% deposit will be required at least two weeks before the start of your tour, except last minute decisions.  

Do you organize private tours?

We offer private tours for individuals, families, and groups. We are also happy to work with you to plan a large group (more than 10 persons).  


Will I have any free time?

You will, as you like.  Our tours are designed to be flexible so that you are able to enjoy Morocco at your pace.  

Is Morocco safe?

Yes, Morocco has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.  Moroccan's are known for their friendliness and hospitality.  They will make you feel very welcome.

Is there any dress code when visiting Morocco?

Many women in Morocco dress just like they do in the Canada, the USA or Europe . You are welcome to wear anything you like. We do recommend that you dress comfortably and use sunscreen. One exception is when you visit the Mosques;  you will need to dress conservatively as you would to enter a church. 

I would like a budget tour, or I would like a luxury tour, can you help me? 

As you like, we are happy to work within your budget. 

Credit Cards & ATM's

Most major credit cards are accepted throughout the larger cities in Morocco.  We recommend that you do carry a small amount of cash with you.  Your guide will help with this upon arrival.  Please note the Dirham cannot be obtained or exchanged outside Morocco.  ATM's are available in the larger cities. 

Do I need vaccinations and how is the water safe to drink?

No, although the tap water in the cities is safe to drink, we recommend bottled water.  Like any trip, it is also recommended that you carry travel insurance.